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The core management of shenzhen industry co., LTD
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The China of the made in China, the present enterprise, talent and the team is particularly important, to build a steel team is the cornerstone of enterprise success, an elite team and excellent enterprise culture is one of the important conditions, field companies more should always keep in mind, the different levels of personnel, carry out various forms of activities, build a team.

In June 2017, the Beijing tour of 12 people in the core management of the company was kicked off after careful planning and preparation.

Beijing, a place that make countless people yearning, she is the heart of the dragon, has a long history of more than 3000 years and 850 years of capitals, is the world famous historical and cultural city and one of China's four big ancient capital, is also a modern international metropolis, the political, economic and cultural center in China. Let's go through time and space and come to her and know her - Beijing.

She has a long history and makes us think.

Today, the Forbidden City, is the world's largest and best preserved ancient imperial palace buildings, built in the Ming dynasty yongle four years to the eighteenth year of yongle (1406-1420) through 14 years, when the qing ChengMing, cost-leadership strategy. The area covers an area of 720,000 square meters, with a floor area of 150,000 square meters and a palace of 9999. Militarily, it has a 52-meter-wide, 6m-deep moat surrounded by a wall with a height of 10 meters and a width of 8.62 meters, a wall of steel. In the city, there are five three hall three palace three palace say, ground 15 stone brick layer is stacked, defend tight. The Chinese white jade carving dragon carving dragon, the wooden building colorful gold, the yellow glaze flat dragon spray wave, the golden color brilliant, a flourishing; But in the 30 years of the Ming dynasty, he ignored the government, and qing dynasty closed the country, buried the great river mountain, and more prosperous, only the passing of clouds and smoke, the years leisurely, with history as a mirror, feeling thoughtful!

She was so powerful that we were shocked.

There is an old saying in China, the Great Wall, "not a true man unless he comes to the Great Wall", the badaling Great Wall is one of the Great Wall is the most preserved section, big strong wall height, the walls of 6-9 meters high, 4.5-5.8 meters wide, 2 meters high, ha-ha built are horse-refraining pits and shot eyes. On the Great Wall, the mountains rise and fall, and the Great Wall is like a chain of locks that stand on a cliff, connecting the mountains, the city walls, and the ring of the fire ring, and the endless clouds and smoke. It is the pride of the Chinese nation and all mankind. It is the great monument of human strength and civilization. It is hard to imagine how the ancient labor force created this great building with its own hard work and ingenuity in the age of no industry. Sit in the mountains, stretch the Great Wall, the softball! It is the shock of the soul, there is a will to do!

She is full of vicissitudes and makes us heartbroken.

Yuanmingyuan, after 150 years before and after the construction history, the scale is 8.5 times that of the Forbidden City has gathered at that time, the characteristics of several famous scenic landscape jiangnan, the elaboration of the ancient Chinese gardening art, is a pride, is also the world's largest royal museum, art museum, the elaboration of Chinese ancient culture, treasures, rare cultural relics collection among them, the decline of the qing dynasty led to the old Summer Palace has experienced three times before and after, we can only visit the site today, can't carry a small walk residual rock DuanBi is enough to let us imagine its grand, broken rock witnessed once the humiliation of the Chinese nation, let a person himself, delays are dangerous! Heartache!

She was down-to-earth and pragmatic and let us fold.

The trip to Beijing, and Beijing impressed by the simple style of the people's livelihood, walking in the streets of Beijing, that is not too visible tsinghua gates than their reading of ordinary university more simple; The Beijing government's door, if it is not because it has a flag and a plaque on it, proves that it is the municipal government. In contrast to the flashy cars in shenzhen, which are parked in the streets, this is a low-key and pragmatic city!

The four days of the trip, the beautiful scenery of the Summer Palace, the treasures of the imperial palace, the raising of the national flag, the acrobatic performance of the grand theatre, the quanjude roast duck, the old Beijing copper pot, etc. All the way down we are hard, but more are full, happy, have been shocked, have also had a dark sorrow, have been sad and angry, have also had a dark wish.

I am lucky to know you so much - Beijing. Let our team have a deeper understanding of the power of refinement, majesty, diligence and resilience; You are a living history book, a night-light, indicating the direction of our hearts!

  Author: wan wei

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