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The tour of the core management team in Beijing - the view
时间:【2017-6-22】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回

Day one: tiananmen square, the Forbidden City

  Axis from tiananmen square, all the way through the meridian gate of the imperial palace, taihe palace, zhonghe palace and Baohe Palace, imperial palace (dry, tai qing temple, palace of earthly tranquility), the imperial garden, we appreciate the charm of the imperial palace, reflect its magnificent verve, highly praise for the imperial palace is magnificent! At the same time, also, for those dynasties rise and fall of history left us infinite regrets, enlighten us don't forget the lessons of history, and finally the creature end of the day trip, out of the lofty palace buildings, appreciate the history, but in my mind emerge from time to time the clouds of history, the ancient palace is left to the later generations infinite regrets, perseverance and unremitting spirit is worth our thinking, is worth us using for reference.

day two: respectful wang fu, temple of heaven

    Into respectful wang fu, eyeful of luxury, with expensive gas since need not wordy, interested in is respectful wang fu a cloud cave treasure piece known as the "world a blessing" everyone stele, the significance of "many children, field, more just, more longevity, fu".

       The temple of heaven is one of the world's largest worship buildings, including QiNianDian with 28 pillar of nanmu big list, and 36 are cohesive Jue, supporting the three layers of the house of conjoined eaves, without a nail screw, very delicate, listen to the tour guide's explanation along the way, we know more about the temple of heaven to the traditional culture, it not only embodies the ancient Confucianism, "the ritual" such as "music" and "mandate of heaven people from" the thought of "like day method" theory, the feeling is the wisdom of the ancients and industrious, grand grand buildings showed us an unyielding national spirit of the Chinese nation.

day three: the badaling Great Wall and Ming tomb

       "Not a true man unless he comes to the Great Wall", came to the Great Wall, look at this magnificent building has 2000 years history, is the world's architectural engineering miracle, it is the Chinese ancestors with flesh piled up together, in the whole process of climbing, because the company culture and team will experience experience, about less than 40 minutes, and then has already reached the eighth beacon tower to the top of the hill, standing at the top of the Great Wall, overlooking the down, the Great Wall, a series of ups and downs, twists and turns like a huge dragon WoFu in past high mountains, heart there is a feeling of conquered!

      The Ming tombs were the place where the Ming emperor was buried, and each emperor had a separate cemetery, the only tomb in the Ming tombs that was excavated. Dingling in the northeast of zhaoling mausoleum, buried under the Ming dynasty emperor zhu yijun and the filial piety, filial piety two empress. "There is death there is no life is the most interesting of the door", into, don't be out of the door into the, out, out from the door, and then tap them, remove the one whammy, Shouting "I am back. There are stone doors, stone chairs and stone walls of the fifteenth floor, admiring the exquisite carving techniques of the ancient people.

Day four: Summer Palace and yuanmingyuan garden

    Today, we came to the world famous royal garden, the Summer Palace, sit on the boat, from "the empress dowager cixi waterway" appreciate the scenery all the way, the rain that day, feel the poetic beauty, get out to watch the garden.empress temple, jade ripples hall, longevity, the long corridor, platoon, the marble seventeen-arch bridge which cloud temple, Buddha incense, feel the deepest is long corridor between each root on fang liang had a painting, a total of more than 14000 picture, color is bright, gorgeous, very admire the ancient artisans of the spirit of painters.

        Yuanmingyuan designed by kangxi, yongzheng and qianlong, took 151 years to build, has a garden, "garden" reputation, into the palace gate, such as introducing the encounter is in ruins, a painful, grieving and residual stone. At the same time, the government of the qing dynasty was corrupt and incompetent, resulting in the g8 invasion.

one doors, stone chairs and stone walls of the fifteenth floor, admiring the exquisite carving techniques of the ancient people.

Personal summary:

      Harvest is very big, in the trip was first team members during the journey, very loving, cooperate with each other very tacit understanding, the communication between each other is more conducive to the follow-up work, I am very honored that a member of the team. Second activity site selection is very meaningful, although have been to Beijing before, but this time feel completely different, the journey is full of laughter, the change of political history have a new understanding and cognition, the ancient people's tenacity and perseverance spirit is worth our everybody to learn. Finally, I would like to thank the company and the leaders for giving us such a large amount of benefits. Thanks for not saying much, working hard and creating better results is something that I must do my best to do. I hope to get together again next year. Gratitude!

     Author: He haiyu

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