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The journey of Beijing in 2017
时间:【2017-6-22】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回

Beijing, once ten years ago, basic have fuzzy memory, always hope to be able to have the opportunity to go to, thanks to the company, let me in on this day, June 3, 2017, once again set foot on this mysterious ancient capital Beijing.

       It was supposed to arrive at 12:00 p.m., due to the delayed flight, we arrived at 6am the next morning. The first thing to do after arrival is to head for the hotel to rest and prepare for the afternoon tour.


       At 2 PM, we keep walked into the palace and walked into the Ming and qing dynasties dynasty's political center, a towering magnificent palaces, decorative wood carving, stone carving, painting and golden tiled roof. The whole building of the Forbidden City is resplendent, and yellow glazed tile roof, white jade base, elegant and magnificent, like a picture of thousands of families. However is the best feng shui palace occupies the whole Beijing, in she after 24 emperors, engaged in just a few decades to make the Ming Ming emperor zhu di of the Ming empire, the first emperor of the qing emperor kangxi hiowan yei, and the incompetent to lead from the nation to perish the Ming wanli emperor, empress dowager cixi of the qing dynasty.

      The government of Ming dynasty is the world's first use of firearms, but in hundreds of years of the qing dynasty, also is being use guns firearms opened the doors of the gun, isolation, arrogance attitude made time and time again by foreign powers, and also a reproach. The world's development has been beyond their imagination because they did not ascend, but they are still making cars and dreaming of the first dream, which is abandoned by the wheel of history.

      The Great Wall is China ancient times a great defense project, since the eighth century BC, prolonged built more than 2000 years, the broad land distribution in northern and central China, a total length of more than 20000 square kilometers, is known as "up and down more than two thousand years, in the vertical and horizontal more than thousand". Such a huge project is not only in China, but also in the world. Standing on the Great Wall, feeling very small, deeply felt the helplessness of the ancestors, and admire qing kangxi to hold the king, take the people, train the horses, never build the Great Wall's determination and consciousness!

       In the drizzle of mengmeng, we came to the royal rear garden - the Summer Palace and the Summer Palace. Was shocked by the royal luxury again, also was convinced by craftsman feat, the Summer Palace on the each fang liang painted corridor have coloured drawing or pattern, there are pictures of more than 14000, including landscapes, flower, the characters, allusions, etc., there is no repeat; However, under the erosion of time, a lot of painting has been weathered, and this technique has been lost, in the near future, will be completely lost in the corridor of time.


      Yuanmingyuan - once the "garden of all gardens", the remains of her have been seen in paintings and paintings over and over again, but only the body can feel the pain of the skin deep in it, so that it will be beaten. The foreigners who ran through Beijing were missing in the Summer Palace, and they knew their ancestors had committed the heinous crimes in China, and they were afraid to take a step back. And the cause of this is China's strong, strong to the old powers have been afraid of, sleeping lion has woke up in the east, has proclaimed to the world Chinese people don't be insulted, do not insult the Chinese nation!

     When the national flag guard soldiers through the magnificent steps beyond the jinshui bridge, set foot on tiananmen square, the national flag rising in the majestic national anthem, as a Chinese, heartfelt proud, good luck. A country, a nation, only work hard can continue to grow, powerful, no permanent enemies, no permanent friends, only permanent interests, and to defend their own interests, only oneself strong, can subdue the gangster and the like; The sense of crisis must always be remembered, the ancient ruler of the ancient times, with the thought of the first thought of the old days, only coveting the enjoyment of the present, the unenterprising, and ultimately the end of the country of the dead.

      In today's society, it is an era full of opportunities and also full of crisis, all walks of life just can long over were the days of success, now the country, company, its core competing technology, who can have more advanced technology, who can control the cost and achieve more profits, also can eliminate rivals and survive, the dominant industries such as kodak, nokia, because did not keep up with the pace of The Times development, eliminated by the market in a twinkling of an eye. In each day's work and life, we must constantly learn, break through and grow. In the next era, the competition will be more fierce, the survival of the fittest, only roll up the sleeves to work!

Author: Luo Bin
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