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The wind and rain are in the same boat
时间:【2017-5-25】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回

Author: Ye Fan


     Annual the most memorable day again, on May 19, we ushered in the field of the joy of 13 anniversary, this festive days is all areas of the heart hand is linked together, don't forget to beginner's mind, work together, grow together, after wind and rain, not afraid of hard, together, have bright today.   

    For the 13 anniversary celebration, flowing hot passion, staff held a meaningful outdoor running activities.Personnel unified Chinese red blazer, the scene of a thriving, youthful vitality, today's atmosphere foil as more warmly.

    Activities are running 3 kilometers, 24 minutes of running goals, is divided into A, B, C, D, each of A set of PK contest, every group member, have the courage to meet the challenge, perseverance, all ran out of the best results.Running as we work to set a firm goal, on the way of life, is always not to advance is to go back.

    Link to the dinner, in the field of \"before a meal culture\", \"army well not dig, will not be thirsty; the kitchen is not open, will not be hungry, the rain is not domain, snow don't wear qiu; soldiers cold dimming, never forget my heart!\"Staff to stand up in neat, general led, raised his glass in the hand, have shouted out, field family, come on!Cheers!

    Dining is most important in the company employee self criticism and reflection, let every one of us to recognize their own shortcomings, in the subsequent work perfect myself in the life.
gnize their own

"Happy Birthday to you" music sounded the moment, the Birthday cake gently to the center of the stage, in under the irradiation of multicoloured lamplight, present a dream-like scene, in the field of large screen display picture of dribs and drabs, field for 13 years, Happy Birthday to dear to each other family, field for 13 years, a beautiful home!

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