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The 13th anniversary of the field
时间:【2017-5-20】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回

Author: Zhang Zhengwen

Thirteen years of hardships and hardships

Thirteen years

The golden years witnessed the solid footprint of industrial innovation

Thirteen years went by

Thirteen years of hard work

The banner of the field industry flutters in the spring breeze

You are a great ship, and the wave of the wave is invincible

You are the flag that leads us to take off

In the face of challenges, the men of the field are never afraid

In the face of pressure, the female jie in the field is upright

Integrity and pragmatism is the cornerstone of steady development
To act boldly is the vanguard of the practice of innovation
The people in the field are eager to go forward and pursue more than struggle
Walk into your passion and blend in with your heart and soul
The unpretentious culture boiled the hearts of young people in the field

Science and technology are progressing rapidly

The pace of innovation is a thousand miles away

Today the youth of the field meet here

Let's raise a toast to celebrate your birthday

We are willing to devote our hard work to your future

We are willing to use our wisdom to write a chapter for your tomorrow


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