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A one-day tour of songshan lake
时间:【2017-4-6】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回

     All said that songshan lake air is fresh and beautiful, and we make three of our colleagues in the company of the company to be lucky to be in songshan lake on March 18, to enjoy the beautiful scenery!

In the early morning, everyone was assigned to go out and have a whole set of tools for barbecue. The outing is organization for the first time, all the staff very joy, all of the beautiful, handsome, and a colleague is very professional, also our work clothes, have to give the colleagues a praise.

     As the saying goes, "the spring is warm and the rain is heavy." Drizzle in the songshan lake, slightly, came to the farm village, the local people really much, oven, farm-style, fishing, one of the most interesting or picnic cook, see you in the play together happy.

     Today our activity is divided into three departments, the first stop, the big bike ride, enter the sunshine beach shore, songshan lake FengJingShu on both sides of the green, a piece of red kapok, had to osmanthus fragrance, which we help brothers and sisters could not take this, photos, and sisters wanting a loudly said, "take pictures, is the use of skin care for songshan lake scenery is beautiful, so we have to line up the beauty", then to a group of          people laughing, this help a lovely brothers and sisters also is very humor.

Heard that there's the new scenery songshan lake, that is, the peach garden, is what we are today the second leg of the foothold, collective barbecue, all the mobilization of division of Labour, is trying to eat delicious barbecue. It's a little weird that boys are all in a bunch of meat, and girls are all in a bunch of choices. Listening to music, baking, singing, good brothers, good sisters raising wine and a cup of wine, a piece of laughter quiet in this beautiful moment.

      Part three: the grass pond fishing... Our collective collection, on the shore, satiated with food and go on the dirt road, the day down again drizzle, the guys are more excited, happy together for a walk, talk, or not to forget to pictures. Walking, walking, when it began to rain, we all became a drowned chicken, this joyful laughter is more wonderful against the rain.

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