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Every flower has its right to blossom
时间:【2017-3-2】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回
We grow in hundreds of millions of people, a little bit of an adult appearance, we spend the same age, in this complex world waving our young youth.
Every flower has its right to blossom. Because in your work is not satisfactory, please adhere to time, achievement is not ideal and discouraged; in you because of your leadership to give you a blow pressure and time, please hold on; when you feel extremely sad and tired, please hold on. If you don't learn to insist, you will not choose you later will be what kind of attitude to you in early puberty flowers bloom.
We were born not to fail, nor to hide from. No one can make you lose, unless you don't want to win, you want to win, the world can't beat you.
Please draw the most beautiful flowers in the most beautiful time, there is no regret things, as long as the world so regret things on your own, please finish it, you can't predict how long can you live, you can't predict what will happen the next minute, so in the way of walking, don't let you leave no regrets, you can't change the world, but you can change yourself.
Time fly over, you can sigh, you only have to bloom, you don't have to prove to others, but you have to prove to yourself, don't let yourself underestimate yourself. Do you know that our greatest enemy is ourselves?
Life is often unsatisfactory, in order to let us learn the flowers will bloom snatched from the jaws of death, snatched from the jaws of death more beautiful, let the people praise.
Flowers always open, because it has the right, not because of a little exposed to wind and rain hides, afraid to open your cowardice will only make you low as dust, can lift head.
I have always believed, no one for me a blue sky, I can still beautiful flowers, forming a charming scenery, many times I thought of giving up, but always find a reason to persuade myself: today is cloudy, rainy day is tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow will be a sunny day, a lot of people is dead in the evening of tomorrow, so we must insist, don't let your flowers bloom wrong journey.
Every flower has its own blooming right, never give up, give up once, you will die, again also could not open the flowers.
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