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2016 year-end party
时间:【2017-2-15】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回

Wink back, time flies, 2016 are in such a rush past, today ushered in the annual meeting of our party once a year. The old year spring dance for joy celebrate the victory with pride as they host a new chapter, we opened the prologue to the scene with the party tonight.
After the opening of the general manager gave us published ebullience speech, review 2016, Domain company in Lu total under the leadership, we unite as one, the size of the company Our wills unite like a fortress., growing, and achieved fruitful results on the upgrade, and colleagues working diligently to compose the victory of the 2016 harvest.
In order to meet the factory for celebration of the happy days, all the departments to prepare a series of exciting programs, wonderful, the now singing, now dancing, walking outside the passers-by can not help to attracted, relish in the window, reluctant to leave. Colleagues while watching TV, while enjoying the delicious food, talking with each other this year. So, how happy off the reel. In the program after the draw link, but also to the climax of the program tonight, cheers, cheers, shouting, applause, echoing the whole venue.
I wish the field in the new year, good luck and success in life, double the performance, linfe! Bless the field family goodtimesbar, family happiness, xinxiangshicheng! Come on, let's go hand in hand and create a better future for 2017!!!


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