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SPV Field Industry Co.,Ltd trade union was established
时间:【2017-1-7】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回
In order to safeguard the rights and interests of the employees, between employees and the company to build a communication platform, the company in July this year approved 8 the superior trade union has formally established a trade union, the establishment of trade unions is also in line with the increase of core and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers and staff activities and welfare as the starting point, in order to let all employees know the field the trade unions, trade unions and the general members decided to conduct a special poverty alleviation campaign in December.
In order to make the poverty alleviation activities can really help to the needy people, superior leadership attaches great importance to the administrative department responsible for various departments together opened a special meeting, so that everyone in the department visited the family difficulties, there is a need to help the staff, poor staff has reached the real solution is difficult to really worry, at the same time reflect the union of poverty alleviation activities. Also take this opportunity to enhance the cohesion and influence of the work of trade union members, so that more people understand the role of trade unions.
After visiting 10 days after confirming the target, the union members were verified on the actual situation of her and submitted document, given the poor condolences to Kim, although not much money, can sense a great deal, on behalf of the Domain company of the staff's care, also let her deeply felt the field the warmth of family, through the activities of all personnel in the field to have a further understanding of the role of trade unions.
I hope that the company's trade union can give full play to its role in the future, the more the better, and employees can organize more meaningful activities through the trade union.
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