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SPV core activity
时间:【2016-12-2】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回

November 5, 2016, the company in order to enhance the exchange and communication of the core backbone personnel, organized the 5 km micro run will be and self criticism and criticism activities. On this day, each of us has a deep understanding of the harvest.
This is the first time to participate in the activities of colleagues, some even have never been running, in order to let everyone can run out, ran ran out of passion, achievement, we set a goal, 40 minutes to run 5 kilometers away, did not finish their 20 push ups. The leader to start running before their team took a group photo, do warm-up exercise, encourage each other.
Here we go! We go forward together for a common goal, along the way, we encourage each other, mutual support, to run the A fighting spirit soars aloft., players at their partners in the forward, he also desperate not resigned to playing second fiddle, in the chase, the formation of a race each other, not a determination. We Our wills unite like a fortress. over gold, finally reached the point.
From this run we feel the strength of the team, the team is the core of unity, friendship, when not on schedule to complete the task of personnel are well prepared when the penalty, the same group of teammates stand up, they said by common consent "we are a team, not the individual, must share the joys and sorrows"! No matter what a person is not the determining factor in capacity is more important to have a strong desire to succeed, there is no perseverance and will, have the courage to move forward, there is no fight with you comrades, I am very happy and proud to say: "I have done."
We were running after dinner, but also in the second part of our activity today: self criticism and criticism, in their daily work, each department will be because of problems in the work and lead to the emergence of friction, through this platform, let everyone in a relaxed atmosphere of the problem point to communicate and exchange, to realize everything to do self-examination and self-criticism, enhance coordination and cooperation between each other, improve the ability to solve problems, rapid response to the service purpose of the company, sincere and timely, solve!
Through the activities of the core backbone, we honed perseverance to overcome difficulties, enhance the consciousness of participation in collective, the running distance is not long, but the road of life is long and tortuous, one cannot solve all problems, but it can give us inspiration, thank the company for giving us to the opportunity for everyone to build a bridge to communicate with each other, let us more unity, friendship, come together for the field tomorrow!

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